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12-22 Big spending failed to sway W.Va. voters
12-18 White addresses 'dirty election' at area luncheon

Blankenship's spending rivaled House, exceeded Senate field

11-24 Mining CEO seeks stacked regulatory deck
11-23 Dems Must End Legalized Bribery of Campaign Finance
11-17 Truth In Advertising
11-9 Blankenship hurt GOP, chairman says
11-8 Blankenship fails to sway legislative races
11-6 Blankenship's money key in statehouse races
11-6 Green outspending Weeks in 9th District battle
11-5 Is the West Virginia Legislature for sale?
11-5 Blankenship money shakes up sleepy races: Turnout could determine control of Legislature
11-3 Who's Buying Congress Now
11-1 Fixing Democracy: The Clean Election Movement
11-1 Campaign costs rising, filings show
10-31 Blankenship Election Spending Nears $2 Million
10-30 Statehouse power at stake in '06
10-27 Final campaign finance reports show incumbents leading
10-25 Pull the Plug on E-Voting
10-24 Candidates for House spar over money from Blankenship
10-23 Byrd-Raese contest priciest W.Va. race
10-22 Wealthy Coal Executive Hopes to Turn Democratic West Virginia Republican
10-20 Votes for Sale?
10-20 Two for the money: When McConnell's pull fails, his Labor secretary wife fills in
10-18 Look Who's Signed the Clean Election Pledge!
10-15 Senator's pet issue: money and the power it buys
10-11 W. Virginia Businessman Finances Campaigns
10-3 Instead of buying votes, we’re selling candidates
10-1 Pollsters’ new tactic: profiling: Right-leaning surveys ‘micro-target’ voters
10-1 Campaign Cash Mirrors a High Court’s Rulings

Case Studies: West Virginia and Illinois

9-25 Vast political money
9-22 Blankenship says Casey ‘lying’ about illegal workers
9-22 GOP leaders blasts 527s: Groups have no contribution limit, congressman says
9-20 Why won't Sobonya back clean elections?
9-20 Group targets Mingo delegate: White questions source of support for foundation
9-19 The Blankenship Factor

JANET KEATING: Is Blankenship's concern really for 'sake of the kids'?

9-17 Report show modest fund-raising in legislative races
9-16 Mike Green has spent over a quarter of a million dollars in state Senate seat race
9-15 Starn accepts Blankenship’s contribution
9-10 W.Va. Legislature Election Preview: House races center stage: Blankenship’s vow to unseat Dems heats up usually sedate campaign
9-6 Blankenship's Money at Center of Political Debate
9-6 Republicans divided on Blankenship
9-1 Casey speaks against Blankenship
9-1 Dems: State is not for sale
9-1 Republican Scott returns Blankenship donation

GOP's Financial Edge Shrinks

8-18 Reform Worth Rescuing
8-13 GOP’s Raese activates ‘millionaire’s provision’: Byrd, already well ahead, can triple his fundraising after opponent adds funds
8-11 Massey sues state Supreme Court
8-11 Massey Energy Sues W.Va. Supreme Court
8-6 Governors' Groups Tops in Raising Cash
8-4 State lobbyists randomly selected for Ethics audits
8-3 ‘For the Sake of the Kids’ Blankenship should give back some of his millions
7-31 How our current campaign finance system breeds political corruption
7-27 President hears cheers, jeers: Bush helps raise money for Capito

Bush helps raise $500,000 for West Virginia congresswoman

7-21 Payola: Don't conceal it
7-21 Republican Raese raises funds in-state
7-21 Byrd holds fundraising edge over Raese

Mollohan, Wakim report contributions

7-19 In-state donors aid Capito, Callaghan
7-18 Campaign funds, politics -- watch out

Tiny minority funds state campaigns, report says


Coal-Mining Contributions in the States

6-28 Blow To Fair Elections
6-27 High Court Strikes State's Campaign Fund Limits
6-27 Cabell library to show election documentary
6-26 Justices Block Vermont Campaign Finance Law
6-25 Weeks, Green spar over gambling money
6-24 Mingo County senate race costs a whopping $350K
6-22 Do you know where your candidates stand on climate change?
6-21 Public Campaign and other national partners launch their “Seize the Moment Campaign
6-21 National survey of Democrats and Republicans indicates that the American Public overwhelmingly supports Clean Elections
6-19 Coal chief, gambling spend big in primary
6-18 Dictionary of deceit: Author compiles thick volume on W.Va.'s corrupt political leaders
6-9 DeLayed Exit
6-6 Privately Funded Trips Add Up on Capitol Hill: Report: $50 Million Spent in 2000-2005
6-5 Feds to take flying squirrel off endangered species list
6-4 Global Warming vs. Election Integrity
6-1 Coal-Mining Contributions in the States  (pdf)
6-1 Rigging the rules in their favor
5-31 Gale Norton in Slacks: Dirk's Dirty Money
5-20 State campaign laws could be eclipsed, panelist says
5-19 527 Group Fundraising Grew More Slowly in First Quarter of 2006 than 2004
5-17 Voter-Owned Election (VOE) Brings People-Powered Politics to Portland

Some disagree about election spending laws

5-8 Lobbyist spending reports come in
5-7 Legislative races rake in $3.2 million as primary draws near
5-5 W.Va. deserves clean elections
5-4 With Just Minutes Left, CT Legislature Approves CE Fix
5-2 Clean Elections Meeting Notice
4-19 Mollohan fills his war chest

W.Va., Minn. have similar problem

4-16 Newcomer helps put Senate race at top in spending
4-12 Political cash: Mollohan allegations
4-12 Frivolous rumors hurt our legal representatives
4-10 Candidates amass $1.9 million
4-7 Bill Moyers: A Culture of Corruption
4-4 Closer, But Still No Cigar
3-26 W.Va. sets standard for 527s

Interior Secretary Nominee Mined Industries for Campaign Cash

3-22 Time for Heresy
3-8 Hidden Ties: Big Environmental Changes Backed by Big Industry
3-3 Clean Elections Dead Again  Update
2-28 Action Alert on Clean Elections!
2-24 Fate of Clean Elections Uncertain  Update By Julie Archer

Discussion but no action on campaign financing

2-24 Public financing of campaigns bill appears dead
2-24 Campaign finance reform works, Arizona official says
2-16 Clean Elections Clears Senate Judiciary, Needs Your Help in Senate Finance  Update By Julie Archer
2-13 A Coal CEO's Unusual Pastime: Firing Up West Virginia Politics
2-13 Senate panel endorses publicly funded campaigns
2-3 Clean Elections ...Legislation on Track  Update By Julie Archer
2-3 527 Groups to Play By New Rules; Some disclosure issues may remain from 2004 election for consumers group.
1-27 Critical Vote for “Clean Elections”; Ask Senators to Support S.B. 124  Update By Julie Archer
1-25 It's time for Democrats to put up or shut up
1-22 Some House Democrats seek election public funds
1-20 Clean Elections Needs Your Help!  Update By Julie Archer
1-19 Bribery; Washington sleaze
1-16 Blankenship takingaim at Bob Kiss

Summary of West Virginia Public Campaign Financing Act (pdf) 1/13

1-13 "Clean" Can Be "Green"

1-9 Coal companies are big political donors
1-3 Mine Safety a Matter of Politics; Lax enforcement from Washington is no accident

Voter-Owned Elections

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