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12-6 Will Foreigners Decide the 2012 Election? The Extreme Unintended Consequences of Citizens United.
11-21 Special governor race cost candidates $10.4 million
11-14 Senators on Marcellus Shale committee get thousands from industry
11-2 Bill Moyers: Our Politicians Are Money Launderers Not Too Different from Tony Soprano
10-30 W.VA. attempts scaled-down candidate funding pilot
10-30 Eyes on legality of public financing for Supreme Court candidates
10-28 Just Three Corporate Front Groups Spent 13 Times as Much as the Entire Labor Movement to Buy Judicial Elections
10-27 Report: W.Va. not helping cut outside influence in state court elections. (Read the full report here)

Report: W.Va. not helping cut outside influence in state court elections 10/27

10-14 Phil Kabler: Election draws lobbyists' cash
10-14 House votes to strip EPA of authority over coal ash
9-20 Disclosure may be the real legacy of Citizens United case
9-15 Outside groups spend $1.4 million on governor's race
9-15 Boehner's Funding From Coal Up 2,400%
9-13 Coal Industry Backs Boehner: Donations of $1.5 Million This Year Show Effort to Limit Environmental Rules
8-28 Energy sector key in governor race finances
8-27 Tomblin outraises Maloney 3 to 1 in W.Va. governor's race
7-28 Sen. Manchin Maintains Lucrative Ties to Family-Owned Coal Company
7-1 Ariz. decision could impact 2012 W.Va. Supreme Court race
6-30 Supreme Court wrong in gutting Clean Elections
6-29 Tomblin, Maloney far outspent primary opponents
6-27 High Court Strikes Down Ariz. Campaign Finance Law
6-27 Supreme Court ruling puts W.Va. campaign law under scrutiny
6-27 Press release: Supporters Say Supreme Court Ruling Disappointing, but Not Fatal for Public Financing
6-27 Ruling could affect W.Va. Supreme Court races
6-25 Hedda Haning: Beware the corporation as 'person'
6-24 Justice: Cash taints process
6-15 Can Justice Be Bought?
5-15 Democratic PACs Aim To Even The Score
5-14 The Secrecy Tax
5-14 The Supreme Court Had Its Say. Now Let Shareholders Decide.
5-14 Phil Kabler: Lobbyist spent big at session
5-13 Stephen Colbert pushes for political "megaphone made of cash"
5-8 Los Angeles Times: Families of dead miners feel let down by Washington
5-8 Mining money flooded Congress before safety vote
5-8 Chart of mining industry contributions
4-21 Freshmen learn D.C. ways quickly
4-19 W.H. mulls limits to anonymous gifts
4-11 Unfettered Money
4-3 Energy sector, lawyers fuel W.Va. governor's race
3-31 Energy sector, lawyers fuel W.Va. governor's race
3-31 Wisconsin Right to Life PAC v. Michael Brennan
3-29 Court campaign law meet challenges
3-29 Ariz. campaign-law case has national implications
3-26 With Ariz. case, Supreme Court takes up campaign finance issue again
3-24 The importance of campaign-finance reform in one graph
3-18 Gas industry supported numerous W.Va. lawmakers

Public finance campaign supporters worried about pilot program 3/15

2-21-11 The $2 Billion Election to Come

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