Clean Election Update by Julie Archer

January 20, 2006

Clean Elections Needs Your Help!

The WV Clean Elections Act, know in the Legislature as the "WV Public Campaign Financing Act," was introduced last week in the Senate, and the Senate Judiciary is likely to take the bill up as early as next week. This is good news, as we would like to see the bill voted out with plenty of time for the Senate Finance Committee to also act on the bill. While we have several friends on the Judiciary Committee, including our lead sponsor, Senator Randy White (D-Webster), along with Senator Jon Blair Hunter (D-Monongalia), Senator Dan Foster (D-Kanawha), Senator Tracy Dempsey (D-Lincoln), Senator Evan Jenkins (D-Cabell) and committee chairman, Senator Jeff Kessler (D-Marshall), who has publicly expressed strong support for the bill, the vote is anticipated to be close.

This is where you come in - particularly if you live in Monongalia, Putnam, Pocahontas or Randolph County. The following Senators from these counties are critical to the bills passage and your calls of support could make all the difference.

Senator Mike Oliverio, (D-Monongalia) - 357-7919

Senator Charles Lanham, (R-Mason, Putnam, Jackson) - 357-7880

Senator Clark Barnes, (R-Randolph, Pocahontas, Hampshire, Hardy, Morgan, Pendelton) - 357-7373

Please call these Senators and urge their support for SB 124, the "WV Public Campaign Financing Act.". Senators can also be reached toll free at 1-877-565-2447.

Voter-Owned Elections

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