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12-31 Court action sought on Massey-Benjamin; Brief asks justices be barred from voting on cases involving large campaign contributors
12-22 CAP report: Where's the (coal) money?
12-11 Spending in W.Va. races for Congress tops $12.5M
12-7 Candidates spent $6.6 million on election
11-19 Supreme mess: High court high jinks
11-18 NEWS ANALYSIS: Supremes to Decide If Justice For Sale in West Virginia
11-17 Massey Energy campaign contributions focus of U.S. Supreme Court case on judicial recusals
11-14 U.S. Supreme Court to hear Massey case
10-30 Realtors Spend Big Money to Support Capito
10-28 Walker has money edge in court race
10-22 Connecticut Hopefuls Flock to Public Financing
10-20 Big Coal Campaigning to Keep Its Industry on Candidates' Minds
10-14 Friend of coal becomes its victim
10-12 U.S. Supreme Court Is Asked to Fix Troubled West Virginia Justice System
10-11 Court considers case on judicial ethics
10-10 "One Dollar for Every West Virginian." The crazy judicial corruption case that the Supreme Court should hear.
10-6 Lobbyists spent $30,316 from May through August
10-5 Wall Street reaps profits from political investments
10-5 Coal, gambling interests among donors to those seeking seats in Legislature
10-2 Judge Throws Out Injunction in Election Law Case
10-1 Cashing in on coal industry support
9-30 Judge lifts injunction, allowing election law enforcement:  TV ads in state attorney general campaign at issue
9-24 Reps. Larson and Jones Introduce Fair Elections Now Act

Are campaign contributors buying justice?

9-11 Experts Discuss Influence of Money, Politics
9-7 Too Generous
9-1 Disguised Bribery
8-22 Suit challenges Arizona's Clean Elections Act
8-8 State Web site to display lobbyists' spending
8-5 Obama’s small donors an anomaly, not a trend
8-1 Can big-money interests spend millions to put their chosen judges on the bench, then reap bigger millions in favorable court rulings by those judges?
7-22 Disclosure legislation helps; publicly financed campaigns better

Manchin signs election disclosure bill

6-29 Millionaires Win: A Supreme Court ruling puts public financing of elections at risk
6-27 Campaign disclosure law, changes stir debate
6-21 Tom Miller: Time may be coming for public financing of campaigns in W.Va.
6-20 Special session: Revisit election law
6-19 Clean Elections Would Opens Doors in Hawaii
6-16 Legislative campaign spending tops $2.5 million
6-6 Leaders want to fix election law 'intent'
6-5 State Supreme Court race was the priciest primary
5-29 May 2008 In the Trenches newsletter
5-25 Pols will go where money is
5-19 Coal Country Lacks Consensus on a Nominee
5-19 Lobbyist spending explored
5-15 Vacation photos end Maynard's re-election bid
5-11 $3.2m poured into legislative races
5-9 Political power shift to gambling in Northern WV
5-8 3rd parties spend heavily in W.Va. high court race
5-8 Lawyers, coal, doctors top contributors in Supco races
5-8 As Election Nears, Candidates Continue to Raise Money
5-8 Ireland adds new features to online election reports
5-6 Lawyer, gambling-interest money pours into court race
5-5 Latest ad in Supreme Court race sparks controversy
5-4 Lawyers give most money to Maynard
4-23 Election ad restrictions loosened
4/23 W.Va. ad rules partly blocked
4-22 Putting a Check on Corporate Power
4-15 The Selling of the Judiciary: Campaign Cash ‘in the Courtroom’
4-14 Upcoming election forums
4-14 Voters should know who contributes to candidates
4-12 Delegates selected for state convention
4-10 Massey Coal's Don Blankenship Shows his Hand
4-10 Lawyers argue over rules for political ads
4-8 Candidates, unions seek dismissal of W.Va. electioneering law challenge
4-8 Supreme Court race shaping up to be expensive

Coal Boss: If You Take Photos, 'You're Liable to Get Shot'

4-3 Massey boss threatened, grabbed reporter, ABC News says
3-23 Campaign finance has become constant fight for improvement
3-22 Justice for Sale
3-2 Campaign money corrupts
3-2 Perception that justice can be bought harms the judiciary
2-29 Clean Elections Update
2-27 There's no need to take sides in campaign
2-26 Conflict: Disturbing problem
2-24 We could have clean elections in W.Va. for just $6 apiece
2-22 Justice refuses to disqualify himself from Massey case; Benjamin says ($3.5 million) 'innuendo' not basis for recusal
2-21 Clean Elections Update
2-21 It's always the public who pays
2-21 Starcher Steps Aside in Massey Case, Lashes Out at Court
2-20 Massey incest: Mining CEO so insinuated in W. Va. politics that they can't find judges to hear his case
2-17 Heard Off the Street: Massey Energy estimates $240 million judgment will cost it $16 million
2-15 Clean Elections Update
2-15 Beth Walker tries to explain ties to Don Blankenship in Supreme Court race
2-13 Benjamin asked to withdraw from $240m Massey case
2-8 Clean Elections Update
2-7 Panel Proposed to Consider Recusal Requests
2-7 CALA blasts Grisham over W.Va. comments about his new book
2-1 Clean Elections Update
2-1 Beyond campaign finance reform
1-30 John Grisham disses Blankenship, WV court; Cites 2004 election as example of judicial corruption
1-30 Q&A: Michael Shnayerson, Author of Coal River
1-30 Novel linked to state election: Author details idea on 'Today'
1-30 Electing judges – with cash; Merit, not money, should sway judicial elections.
1-29 Senate debates merits of appointed versus elected judges
1-27 ‘Clean elections’ bill gains support
1-24 Clean Elections Update
1-24 In wake of photos, recusal, Supreme Court to rehear Massey case
1-22 Starcher stepped down from ’96 case; Motion cited campaign contributions; high court debate to resume Thursday
1-19 Big Coal objects to being called an "outlaw industry," but facts are facts.
1-18 Coal Industry Plugs Into the Campaign
1-17 Clean Elections Update  
1-16 My Oh Monaco
1-16 Maynard admits Monaco meeting; Blankenship not an influence on rulings, justice says
1-15 Maynard trip raising more questions
1-15 Motion Ties W. Virginia Justice to Coal Executive
1-11-08 Clean Elections Update  

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