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Clean Elections Update, Nov. 16: Judicial Reform Commission Recommends Public Financing Pilot Project

11-16 Panel proposes 2nd appeals court for W.Va.
11-6 Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Statement on Passage of Impartial Justice Bill
11-5 Justice at Stake Hails Public Financing Breakthrough in Wisconsin
9-21 Appoint judges, O'Connor tells W.Va.
9-21 O'Connor to attend WVa judicial study meeting
9-20 Lobbyists' money keeps on coming
9-5 Tom Miller: Partisan elections, campaign finance discussed by judicial commission
8-28 Campaign Finance Takes Center Stage at Hearing
8-28 Committee investigating judiciary hears about public financing
8-7 Clean Election Update
7-10 W.Va. judicial study commission launches review
6-11 U.S. Supreme Court puts spotlight on Blankenship's $3 million contribution
to Benjamin
6-11 Judge Ruling in Favor of Big Contributor Ruled Illegal by U.S. Supreme Court
6-9 Campaign-reform supporters hope court ruling will spur legislative action
6-8 Public Campaign Statement on Caperton v. Massey Supreme Court Decision
5-26 Could Public Financing Restore Credibility To WVís Supreme Court?
5-15 Coal, Electric Industries Big Winners in Climate Bill Deal
5-13 Retired Justice O'Connor cites Benjamin ethics case
5-10 Lobbyists cut their spending, it seems
5-5 It's time to take fair elections national
5-4 Citizen Journalism: People Take Control of the News
4-26 W.Va. election ad bill could resurface
4-11 Investment in Lobbying Brings Huge Returns, Study Indicates
4-2 Clean Elections Update
4-2 Governorís Opposition Slows Public Financing Bill
3-26 Clean Elections Update
3-19 Clean Elections Update
3-12 Clean Elections Update
3-4 Clean Elections Update
3-2 WV SUPCO Race to be Publicly Funded?
2-28 Obama Tells Powerful Lobbies: Bring It On
2-27 Clean Elections Update
2-19 Clean Elections Update
2-15 Case May Alter Judge Elections Across Country
1-27 Video contest launched to encourage more open WV elections
1-25 Progressive Democrats hold first conference
1-22 Coalition to use YouTube contest for campaign finance reform
1-21 Manchin inaugural donors listed
1-17 Video contest seeks teen submissions
1-15 State group seeks lawmakers' support for public financing act
1-9 Wal-Mart, Pepsi join brief urging Benjamin recusal
1-8 West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin has become a national symbol of questionable justice.
1-7-09 W.Va. judicial ethics case draws array of allies

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