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12-12 Our view on elections: 5 reasons for public financing  --  Opposing view: No welfare for politicians  --  Public Campaign's response to opposition view
12-5 Returns On Investment
11-26 The huge return on the campaign investment
11-19 Churches want state campaign financing reform
11-16 US power company linked to Bush is named in database as a top polluter
11-9 Connecticut Politics Tarnished by Corruption
11-2 Clean politics; Public financing
11-1 Carol Warren LTE in The Pocahontas Times
10-31 Public campaign financing proposed
10-9 Carol Warren: Residents already pay for campaigns
10-5 Woman pushes for clean election
9-30 Delegate wants public financing law
9-10 Blankenship could influence WV Supreme Court election 
9-10 GOP not counting on Blankenship in 2008
8-28 The Campaign Finance Institute has released a new study: Party Money in the 2006 Elections: The Role of National Party Committees in Financing Congressional Campaigns   -   Download the report here
8-26 Public Financing Would Mean Cheaper Elections
8-24 Mining Rove’s Katrina Legacy

The deeper danger of Crandall Canyon

8-8 ‘What you see is what you get’: Utah mine owner blunt, controversial
7-22 Relative handful of West Virginians funding White House race
7-19 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to send a message: Author lists mountaintop removal among 'Crimes Against Nature'
7-17 Read an interview with West Virginia Clean Elections supporter Senator Dan Foster
7-13 Monongalia senator not running in '08
7-2 Why I chose not to vote
6-18 Si Galperin, former state senator, dies
6-18 Galperin remembered as strong advocate
6-11 What Do Subsidized Corn, A Militarized Border, and Finance Reform Have To Do With It?
5-27 Gaming donations up in legislative races, group says
5-23 Justice's contentious campaign lands big-time invitation
5-20 Racetrack lobbyists not biggest spenders
4-26 Justices Reconsider Campaign Finance
4-25 Power to the Public Financing
4-24 Breaking Free with Fair Elections: A New Declaration of Independence for Congress
4-10 ‘Granny D’ Pushes ‘Politics of Love’
3-21 Campaign cash: Public financing works in other states
3-2 Clean Election Update
2-28 Campaign funding issue gaining support, says group
2-28 Clean Elections and Walt Helmick
2-26 Candidates Who Shun Corporate Cash Are Winning
2-23 Clean Election Update
2-19 Certain measures just keep returning
2-16 Clean Election Update
2-9 Clean Election Update
2-9 Campaign financing advances in W.Va. Senate
2-5 People are electing candidates who shun corporate cash
2-2 This should be the year for public funding of campaigns
2-2 Clean Election Update
2-1 2007 may offer best chance for publicly funded campaigns in W.Va.
1-29 GUEST COMMENTARY: A True Freedom Bill: Clean Elections
1-27 Clean Election Update
1-26 Legislators split on odds for campaign finance bills
1-20 Clean Elections Update (pdf)
1-19 High Court To Revisit Campaign Finance Law
1-19 Senate Measure Puts Spotlight on Fund-Raising
1-10-07 A true 'freedom bill': Public financing act will ensure voters are heard

Voter-Owned Elections

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