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12-23 Citizens United Is Number One. What Are the Other 9 Top Money-in-Politics Stories of 2010?

Special-Interest Funding Declines in [NC] Court Elections as 77% of the Top Judges Qualify for Public Funds


Keep Arizona Elections Clean 

12-8 Tennant: Focus On Candidates, Not How Much Money They Have Or How Much They Can Raise
11-29 Supreme Court Takes Aim Yet Again At Campaign Finance Laws
11-19 Manchin's 1996 race records sought
11-17 Coalition Members, Legislators Highlight Advantages of Public Financing - Supreme Court candidates will have alternative to special interest funding in 2012
11-17 Citizens for Clean Elections praises former Gov. Joe Manchin for starting a public finance pilot program
11-15 Clean Elections Advocates Promote Cure for Mud-Slinging
11-8 After Energy Money Flowed in Elections, CA Poised to Lead on Climate Again
11-2 Election Watch Parties to Follow Money & Winners
11-2 Final Senate filings show Raese outraised by Manchin
11-1 Big Oil spends $69.5m on ads to get the Congress it wants
11-1 Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law
11-1 Coal money in politics
10-31 Drowning in Campaign Cash
10-31 W.Va. legislative races attract $5M-plus
10-29 Coal Industry Spending to Sway Next Congress
10-28 An avalanche of cash in judicial campaigns, Pt. 1
10-27 "Campaign Finance: Watergate II Scandal Ahead?"
10-26 Nonparty, noncandidate groups have spent $12.7 million in W.Va.
10-26 Third party groups spend nearly $13M on WV races
10-25 Campaign Cash: How Citizens United Will Change Elections Forever
10-25 The Supreme Court Sold Out Our Democracy -- How to Fight the Corporate Takeover of Our Elections
10-25 Let's review: Spike Maynard and Massey
10-22 GOP's Maynard reaps Massey cash for House bid
10-7 Court candidates discuss financing, appeals system
10-5 Supreme Court candidates differ on need for intermediate court
10-1 How the campaign finance system is eroding confidence in Congress
9-29 Brothers on nationwide walk rail against Supreme Court election decision
9-27 Corporate $$$ = Free Political Speech: Two Brothers Can't Take It Sitting Down
9-7 Fracking: Is Our “Democracy” Passing Gas?
8-27 Manchin raises nearly $1.2 million since entering Senate race
8-25 Manchin skipped debate for fundraiser
8-21 W.Va. could be test case of 'Citizens United' decision, analyst says
8-17 A Rising Tsunami of Corporate Political Money
8-17 Manchin raises $530k in US Senate bid
8-16 Campaign contributions to judges skyrocket across U.S.
8-16 Study: Pa. judicial elections big on special-interest donations
8-16 REPORT: Partisan Spending On Judicial Elections Soars
8-9 Corporate Campaign Bucks Aiming To Stop Mine Safety Rules?
8-5 Corporate Money Aids Centers Linked to Lawmakers
8-2 More on coal, money and politics
7-31 Citizens, or corporations, united? Election funding decision could have major impact on W.Va. races
7-30 Kentucky judicial elections need to stay on high road
7-29 When gov’t and business align, both become more powerful at the citizens’ expense
7-29 The Supreme Court's present for Rand Paul
7-28 Coal industry ponders fight against Kentucky democrats Jack Conway, Ben Chandler
7-28 Will Coal Bosses Band Together To Influence Elections?
7-28 Coal companies eye targeting congressional Dems
7-23 Massey's Don Blankenship Shoveling Out Campaign Cash Again
7-16 Second Circuit Reaffirms Constitutionality of Public Financing
7-9 Likely Byrd Successors Raked In Donations From Big Coal
7-8 Big Money Drives Up the Betting on the Marcellus Shale
6-18 State Election Commission Files Proposed Legislative Rules For Supreme Court Public Financing 
6-18 Loopholes Grow in Bill to Offset Ruling on Campaigns
6-16 Tennant makes first contribution to public funding for Supreme Court races
6-11 Public Funding For State Supreme Court Races Goes Into Effect; Tennant Makes First Contribution To Fund
6-9 U.S. Supreme Court blocks matching funds provision of Clean Elections
6-8 NYT - "Justices block matching funds for candidates in Arizona"
6-8 NYT editorial - "Keeping politics safe for the rich"
5-24 Arizona's Clean Elections law upheld in court
5-2 8 Words That Could Save Our Country
4-30 Howard Swint: Justice Benjamin must resign
4-28 Can a Supreme Court seat be bought?
4-18 Mine disaster spotlights cozy lobbyists-regulator ties
4-16 Massey CEO should have spent less energy berating regulators
4-11 Judge Cash: Campaign cleanup
4-8 Mining interests are heavily invested in Capitol Hill
4-6 Coal, corruption and campaign finance reform
4-5 Do campaign dollars sway judges?
4-5 Gazette LTE: Reforming the way W.Va. seats justices is good

W.Va. election legislation could attract lawsuits

3-28 Howard Swint: Citizens United ruling a debacle
3-24 Supreme Court public campaign finance bill signed
3-20 From Scandal to Example in West Virginia
3-17 Honoring Granny D: Crusader for Democracy
3-15 Ethics law supporters say fight isn't over
3-14 Clean Elections Update: Supreme Court Public Financing Pilot Project Sent to Governor's Desk
3-13 As W.Va. session ends, ethics and tax items stalled
3-13 W.Va. Senate approves campaign spending bill
3-13 Anti-trust suit scuttles vote-machine deal
3-12 W.Va. lawmakers try stern action on campaign spending
3-11 Clean Elections Update
3-11 Fees taken out of public campaign financing plan
3-10 Julie Archer and Carol Warren: Finance court elections
3-10  'Granny D' Dead: Doris Haddock, Campaign Finance Reform Activist, Dies At 100
3-9 Proposed fees may doom W.Va. election funding bill
3-8 Voters want candidates to use taxpayer money in W.Va., poll shows
3-8 W.Va. getting attention for election funding bill
3-8 Clean Elections Update: More good news today on our Supreme Court Public Financing Pilot Project!
3-8 Public financing of court races gains strength
3-8 Public election funding bill passes Senate committee
3-4 House Legislation Targets Free Speech
3-4 House passes bill to allow public campaign financing
3-3 Clean Elections Update
3-3 WV House of Delegates OKs public funding of court races
3-3 Governor's session agenda intact
3-1 House takes on campaign finance again
3-1 Good Chance WV will Publicly Finance 2012 Supreme Court Races
2-28 Decision Could Allow Anonymous Political Contributions by Businesses
2-26 House to weigh public funding of court races
2-26 Clean Elections Update
2-23 W.Va. lawmakers reacting to major elections ruling
2-22 Supreme Court Pilot Project passes House Judiciary!
2-19 Clean Elections Update
2-19 Limit studied on how quickly an official can turn lobbyist
2-19 What you need to know about lobbyists in W.Va.
2-13 U.S. Supreme Court Corporate Political Contributions Can Hamper Justice: Here Is A Prime Example
2-7 First "Corporate Person" Runs for Political Office
2-6 Earth and the Balance of Powers: What the Citizens United Ruling Means for the Environment
2-5 Congress Must Act in Wake of Supreme Court Ruling on Campaign Financing, League of Women Voters Says
2-4 Bill Introduced Calls For Constitutional Amendment to Tackle Campaign Finance Ruling
2-3 Clean Elections Update
1-27 Jim Hightower | The Supreme Coup
1-22 24 States’ Laws Open to Attack After Campaign Finance Ruling
1-22 W.Va. lawmakers eye Supreme Court campaign ruling
1-22 Delegate: Public financing program needed
1-22 W.Va. eyes Supreme Court ruling on campaign funding
1-22 Shed a Tear for Our Democracy
1-21 NY Times commentary and coverage of Citizens United decision:
How Corporate Money Will Reshape Politics
Editorial: The Court’s Blow to Democracy
Lobbyists Get Potent Weapon in Campaign Ruling
Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Spending Limit
1-21 Charleston Gazette Editorial ~ Company cash: Flooding into politics?
1-21 Doris "Granny D" Haddock | Response to the Supreme Court
1-21 Split court eases limits on business election spending
1-21 The State Elections Enforcement Commission reacts to the United States Supreme Court’s ruling
1-20 Ethics bill passes House unanimously
1-20 Clean Elections Update
1-18 Caperton, recusal and judicial elections
1-15 Critics say plan to reform courts not enough
1-14 Manchin proposes public financing for Supreme Court elections
1-14 Financial disclosure bill advances in Legislature
1-14 Session: State of State call
1-10 Election ruling could change U.S. politics
1-10 Tom Miller: Limited legislation to be enacted before March 13
1-8 A Setback for Democracy - U.S. Supreme Court Rolls Back Election Spending Limits

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