February 19, 2010

Clean Elections Update  

Dear Clean Elections Supporters,

Last week Subcommittee B of the House Judiciary Committee took up HB 4130 which would establish a pilot project to provide public campaign financing to candidates for the state Supreme Court in the 2012 election cycle.  After several meetings to discuss the bill, the subcommittee reported it favorably to full committee on Thursday, but also made some changes.  Most significantly, committee members objected to requiring those who use our courts to pay an additional fee to help fund the program.  These "fair administration of justice" fees would have ranged from $10 for filings in magistrate court to $100 on each appeal and petition filed in the Supreme Court. It was estimated that these fees would provide $1.2 million annually for the program, accounting for as much as half of the funding needed to meet obligations to participating candidates.  Otherwise, HB 4130 is in good shape and we will be working to get this funding restored in the House Finance Committee, assuming the House Judiciary Committee sees its way clear to recommend the pilot project. HB 4130  was on the Judiciary Committee's agenda this morning, but they did not get to the bill because of discussion of other legislation.  The committee will be meeting again on Monday morning At 9:00 AM, so we hope we will have some good news to report next week. 

Thanks for your efforts for public financing!

Carol Warren
WV Citizens for Clean Elections
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