February 22, 2010

Supreme Court Pilot Project passes House Judiciary!

Our public financing Pilot Project HB 4130, as introduced by the Governor, passed House Judiciary today! It will now go to Finance Committee, and we will need your help. The Judiciary Subcommittee that considered the bill removed one of the funding sources - a minimal fee for people who use the court system. We fear that if this funding source is not restored, or another identified, there may not be enough funds available to make the pilot successful. Obviously, we do not want the project set up in a way that will cause it to fail.

Please help us by contacting members of the House Finance Committee (listed below) and ask them to be sure that the Supreme Court Pilot Project (HB 4130) is fully funded. Adequate funding is essential for a valid pilot that will give us a true picture of how public financing for the Supreme Court might work in our state. You can find their contact information at http://www.legis.state.wv.us/House/members/delmemview1.cfm

Thanks for all you do!

Carol Warren
WV Citizens for Clean Elections
(304) 847-5121

House Finance Committee Members: 

Delegate White - Chair 
Delegate Campbell - Vice-Chair 
Delegate Anderson - Minority Chair 
Delegate Carmichael - Minority Vice-Chair 
Delegate Craig
Delegate Doyle
Delegate Eldridge
Delegate Guthrie
Delegate Iaquinta
Delegate Klempa
Delegate Kominar
Delegate Mahan
Delegate Manchin
Delegate Marshall
Delegate Perdue
Delegate Phillips
Delegate Poling, M.
Delegate Reynolds
Delegate Spencer
Delegate Varner
Delegate Ashley
Delegate Blair
Delegate Border
Delegate Evans
Delegate Walters


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