Clean Elections Meeting Notice

May 2, 2006

Dear Clean Elections Supporters,

As many of you know, while the legislature did not pass a Clean Elections bill during the 2006 session, we edged our way closer than in any previous session. Thanks to all of you for your continued and valuable support to help pass this progressive legislation.

Included in this e-mail are three lists of legislators—our known supporters, those who oppose the measure, and some whose stance is not clear at this time. This list is not comprehensive. We hope that you will distribute this information to your members with the hopes of creating dialogue about Clean Elections between now and the November elections at “Meet the Candidates” and other political forums. Also feel free to pass it along to other groups or people who may be interested.

If you or members of your group need talking points about the Clean Elections concept, don’t forget to refer to our website at: You can find fact sheets, news stories and reports that may be helpful.

Our next Clean Elections meeting will be held: May 17, 10:30 a.m. - noon at the ACT Foundation, located at 600 Leon Sullivan Way, Charleston, WV (across from the Capitol Market). Please send agenda items to me by Monday, May 15th. Light refreshments will be served.

Clean Elections Supporters
Senators: Delegates:
Billy Wayne Bailey
Tracy Dempsey (sponsor)
Larry Edgell
John Pat Fanning
Dan Foster (sponsor)
Jon Blair Hunter (sponsor)
Evan Jenkins (sponsor)
Jeff Kessler (sponsor)
Shirley Love
Brooks McCabe (sponsor)
Robert Plymale
Roman Prezioso
Vic Sprouse (sponsor)
John Unger (sponsor)
Randy White (sponsor)
John Yoder
Jon Amores (sponsor)
Bonnie Brown (sponsor)
Richard Browning (sponsor)
Mike Caputo (sponsor)
Kevin Craig
Joe DeLong
John Doyle (sponsor)
John Ellem (sponsor)
Tim Ennis
Ron Fragale
Bobbie Hatfield
Mark Hunt
Patrick Lane (sponsor)
Marshall Long
Linda Longstreth
Tom Louisos (sponsor)
Tim Manchin
Charlene Marshall
Tim Miley
Cliff Moore (sponsor)
Jim Morgan
Corey Palumbo
Don Perdue (sponsor)
Mary Poling
Rick Staton (sponsor)
Dale Stephens
Bob Tabb
Joe Talbott
Carrie Webster
Danny Wells
Locke Wysong
Clean Elections Opponents
Donna Boley
Ed Bowman
Don Caruth
Truman Chafin
Frank Deem
Steve Harrison
Walt Helmick
Andy McKenzie
Joe Minard
Sarah Minear
Russ Weeks
Tim Armstead
Greg Howard
Lidella Hrutkay
Steve Kominar
Virginia Mahan
John Overington
John Pino
Kelli Sobonya
Bill Stemple
Ron Walters
Position Unclear
Clark Barnes (voted for the Clean Elections in Senate Judiciary in 2006)
Karen Facemyer
Jesse Guills
Charles Lanham
Mike Oliverio (voted for the Clean Elections bill in Senate Judiciary in 2006)
Bill Sharpe
Earl Ray Tomblin

For the public interest,

Janet, Clean Elections coordinator

Voter-Owned Elections

Citizens for Clean Elections P.O. Box 6753 Huntington, WV 25773-6753 304-522-0246