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Alerts and Updates WVCCE February 2, 2019
Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform Update
Good news! Several bills have been introduced that advance the goals of the Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform and the list is growing. Two of these bills have started to work their way through the legislative process. We’ll continue to keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s the list of Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform bills that have been introduced so far. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair CourtsVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates WVCCE January 27, 2019
This Is What Democracy Looks Like, And You’re In It
It's a new year, and a new WV Legislature, and you can help West Virginia Citizens for Clean Elections advance the Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform during the 2019 West Virginia Legislative Session. When legislators listen to regular West Virginians, they can work with us to pass bills that make West Virginia a better place to live. The governor can sign those bills into law, and our courts can uphold those laws. But too often, our politicians look like they are listening to big-money special interests rather than people like you and me. It’s time to make them listen. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair CourtsTransparencyVoting Rights
Coporations are not people
Alerts and UpdatesWVCCE Blog Natalie Thompson March 29, 2017
WV Senate Passes Bill to Weaken Disclosure, Increase Money in Politics
Although SB 539 increases disclosure in some small ways, the overall effect of the bill is a weakening of disclosure while allowing more money into a broken system that favors the wealthy and special interests. More
Issues: Dark MoneyDisclosureSecret Money
Alerts and UpdatesPress Release Natalie Thompson December 16, 2015
Omnibus Bill Would Invite More Secret Money Into Elections
“The omnibus proposal keeps the government’s lights on in exchange for more secret money in politics. Ideological riders should be off the table.” More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark Money
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