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This year’s pandemic created a new host of obstacles for our elections, forcing West Virginia to get creative in order to keep voters and poll workers safe, including increasing access to absentee voting. Increased voting options allowed voters to make their voices heard without risking their lives — which led to record turnout across the nation.

Although the November election went smoothly and securely, barriers to voting remain, and it’s important that we continue to fight to ensure all eligible voters can participate and make their voices heard. We saw the impact that increased access to the ballot box had on voter engagement, and we cannot allow that to be taken away.

Protecting the vote is especially important because our Governor and Attorney General are continuing to undermine our democracy by denying the results and getting involved in frivolous lawsuits. In order to have a healthy democracy and to hold our leaders accountable, everyone’s voice should be heard.

That is why we are pushing a Pro-Voter, Pro-Democracy agenda, but we need your help. Will you please donate $5 today so that we can continue to put pressure on our political leaders to make this year’s expanded voting options permanent?

Thank you,

WV Citizens for Clean Elections

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