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Press Release WVCCE June 3, 2021
West Virginians Need to Know Their Judges Are Being Picked for the Right Reasons
Precious little information has been released to the public about the West Virginia Intermediate Court of Appeals, which is set to begin operations in July 2022. Among the omissions is a clear criteria for how members of the court will be selected. West Virginians deserve to know when and why judges are being picked for their jobs. A public set of criteria will help prevent any direct or indirect political favoritism, safeguard the integrity of the court and preserve public confidence in our judiciary. More
Issues: Fair CourtsJudicial IndependenceTransparency
Press Release WVCCE May 27, 2021
West Virginians Deserve Full Transparency on Intermediate Court
Courts can only be considered fair and impartial if they are created and staffed in a fair and impartial manner. To ensure the public’s trust and confidence in the West Virginia Intermediate Court of Appeals, it’s imperative that the governor’s office provide a public calendar or schedule outlining the appointment process along with clear criteria for potential appointments. More
Issues: Fair CourtsJudicial IndependenceTransparency
Newsletter article Julie Archer March 29, 2021
Take Action to Fight Voter Suppression
With 43 states, including West Virginia, trying to make it harder to vote, we need to fight voter suppression efforts and ensure the The For the People Act stays robust in order to protect every American’s freedom and right to vote. We also need to oppose SB 565, which would restrict West Virginians’ access to voting. We can’t let the assault on voting rights in West Virginia and around the country go unanswered. Please take action today. More
Issues: DemocracySecret MoneyTransparencyVoting Rights
Newsletter article Julie Archer March 29, 2021
Courts and the Constitution
After quickly passing their house of origin and then clearing their first committee assignment in the other, two measures we oppose related to West Virginia courts slowed down. Now one has cleared another legislative hurdle, and the other is likely to be on the move again soon as we enter the final two weeks of the legislative session. Here’s a quick update and actions you can take to stop these power grabs and attempts to politicize the judiciary.  More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsJudicial IndependenceTransparencyWV Supreme Court
Alerts and Updates WVCCE November 16, 2020
Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption
Our democracy is under attack, but we have the tools to fight back against measures that will hinder our progress towards a government that is transparent, accountable, and responsive to our needs. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair CourtsTransparency
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer June 5, 2020
Supreme Court Elections Provide Opportunity to Increase Trust, Accountability, and Transparency in the Judiciary
This moment is an opportunity to bring greater trust, accountability, and transparency to the judiciary, but rebuilding trust in the judiciary cannot end with a single individual. As voters, it’s incumbent upon us to seek out unbiased information about the candidates rather than relying on misleading, inaccurate attack ads. The court and legislators must also seize this opportunity to begin to rebuild trust in the West Virginia judiciary by strengthening disclosure of political spending and the adoption of a strong, objective recusal standard. More
Issues: Fair CourtsJudicial IndependenceTransparencyWV Supreme Court
Newsletter WVCCE April 4, 2020
Reaching Out, Checking In (Plus Action for Voting, Legislative Update)
We hope you are finding meaningful ways to connect with and check-in with one another in these times of physical distancing. (While we need to be physically distanced right now, we need to build more social connection!) Oft-repeated tips on how to stay healthy in both body and spirit while trying to navigate stay-at-home orders, work layoffs, and fears for the health of our families and communities include checking up on others by phone and digital means, setting daily goals, and deepening the sense of purpose you create for your life by your actions and activities. To that end we wanted to share some easy actions you can take, and also share a bit of good news in the form of a legislative update. More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsHealthJudicial IndependenceTransparencyVoting RightsWV Supreme Court
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer April 3, 2020
WV House Rejects New Court Sought by Powerful Special Interests
If you were one of the people who responded to calls to action from WV Citizens for Clean Elections Coalition and our partners and allies during the 2020 WV Legislative Session, thank you! You helped defeat a bad bill sought by powerful special interests. Besides the intermediate court of appeals, there were also multiple constitutional amendments proposed that would have undermined the independence of the courts. We must continue to fight these attacks and push for increased transparency in our elections and the adoption of strong recusal standards to remove political pressure and conflicts of interest from our courts. More
Issues: Dark MoneyDisclosureFair CourtsJudicial IndependenceTransparency
Alerts and Updates WVCCE March 2, 2020
Don’t Let Powerful Special Interests Have Their Way with Our Courts
The millions that would be wasted on this unnecessary court could be better spent on things that help our families and communities thrive—fixing our roads, improving our schools and providing job training for West Virginia workers. However, in addition to the state’s spending priorities, West Virginians should also be concerned about the millions that special interest groups will undoubtedly spend to pack this new court. Special interest groups spending big bucks on judicial elections see the Supreme Court as an effective vehicle to further their political, ideological, or financial agendas. Why would this new court be any different? Tell the House Finance Committee to say NO to SB 275. More
Issues: Fair CourtsJudicial IndependenceTransparency
Document WVCCE February 11, 2020
The Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform: Bills We Support
Several bills that advance the goals of the Pro-Democracy Platform have been introduced. Here's a list of the bills and their status.  More
Issues: DemocracyDisclosureTransparencyVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates WVCCE January 21, 2020
Post-Citizens United, We Can Make Democracy Healthy Again
In spite of the decision, there are things we can do to make democracy healthy again but it will take political will and the power of the people demanding change. We can restore balance to a system skewed in favor of the wealthy and special interests by implementing reforms like those included in our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform, and give everyday people a stronger voice in our elections.   More
Issues: Citizens UnitedDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosurePublic FinancingSecret MoneyTransparency
Alerts and Updates WVCCE October 15, 2019
Support the WV Pro-Democracy Movement by Making a Gift Today
WV Citizens for Clean Elections is working to restore health to our democracy, to clean up elections, and assure that our courts are fair and impartial. Right now WV Citizens for Clean Elections has an opportunity to receive an additional $5,000 for our work if we can raise $5,000 from our friends and supporters by the end of the year. Will you pitch in? Join us in the fight for a democracy that works for everyone—a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone's voice is heard—by making a donation today. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyDisclosureFair CourtsTransparencyVoting RightsWV Supreme Court
WVCCE Blog WVCCE July 11, 2019
Campaign Legal Center & WVCCE Comments on SB 622 Rules
The Campaign Legal Center and WV Citizens for Clean Elections submitted the following comments to the State Election Commission regarding the proposed rule to implement SB 622. We recommend a number of ways the rule can be strengthened to prevent circumvention of the law and to hold politicians and those who spend money to influence our elections accountable. We also ask the Commission to help strengthen political transparency in West Virginia by supporting future legislation to end “dark money” spending in the state. More
Issues: Dark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureTransparency
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer July 5, 2019
It’s Time to Declare Independence from Big-Money in West Virginia Politics
This Independence Day, we will all be celebrating the founding of the United States and our declaration of independence from the tyranny of monarchy. In West Virginia politics, however, it seems we have another tyranny to overthrow — the tyranny exercised by powerful special interests in our state’s democracy. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDisclosureTransparency
Alerts and Updates WVCCE July 2, 2019
Tell the State Election Commission to Support Transparency, Hold Politicians Accountable
Earlier this year, legislators passed SB 622, a bill that is disastrous for those of us who want elections where candidates listen to the voices of everyday people, not wealthy donors and special interests. Right now, the State Election Commission is writing rules on how the new law will be implemented and enforced.  We looked at the rules, and they need to be strengthened. You can help! Please send a letter to the Commission urging them to support increased transparency and to strengthen the rules to hold politicians accountable. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureSecret MoneyTransparency
Alerts and Updates WVCCE March 14, 2019
Tell Governor Justice: Veto SB 622
Despite the way practically every West Virginia voter, regardless of their party affiliation, feels about the state of our politics and money’s role in it, West Virginia politicians charged ahead with SB 622 — the bill no one asked for. No one except wealthy special interests of course. We want our elected officials to listen to us, the people — not wealthy special interests. SB 622 goes against this will and gives a greater voice to the wealthy and special interests that try to buy our elections, and that's wrong! Send a message to Governor Justice and ask him to veto SB 622. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureTransparency
Press Release WVCCE March 7, 2019
WV Legislature poised to bring MORE money, LESS transparency into our politics
Despite the way practically every West Virginia voter — Republican or Democrat — feels about the state of our politics and money's role in it, West Virginia politicians are charging ahead with SB 622 — the bill no one asked for. No one except wealthy special interests, of course. SB 622 will give more power over our government to the richest few, lobbyists, and wealthy special interests. West Virginia should be a model of government by the people, not for the wealthiest few. The Legislature should shoot down SB 622 and give the people of West Virginia a real voice in our government through the Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureTransparency
Alerts and Updates WVCCE March 6, 2019
What Do We Want? Democracy! When Do We Want It? Now!
Unfortunately, some members of the WV Legislature have other ideas. The House of Delegates is set to vote on a major campaign finance overhaul bill that would allow even more big money into a system that already favors the wealthy and special interests. Call your delegate(s) now and tell them to say YES to transparency, and NO to more money in West Virginia elections. On the bright side, as the WV House prepares to vote on SB 622, the US House of Representatives will vote this week on HR 1, the boldest set of democracy reforms in decades! Make your voice heard and call your Representative today: 888-724-8879 More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureSecret MoneyTransparencyVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates WVCCE March 3, 2019
Tell Delegates to Say YES to Transparency, NO to More Money in WV Elections
The WV Senate has passed a major campaign finance overhaul bill that would allow even more big money into a system that already favors the wealthy and special interests. SB 622 increases campaign contribution limits from $1,000 to $2,800 for candidates, to $5,000 for PACs, and to $10,000 per year for party committees. Ordinary working West Virginians don’t have that kind of money to donate to campaigns, so the overall effect of the bill would be disastrous for voters who struggle to have their voices heard above the special interests that try buy our elections. Contact your delegate(s) and tell them to strengthen the transparency provisions of SB 622, and say NO to more money in West Virginia elections. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDisclosureSecret MoneyTransparency
WVCCE Blog WVCCE February 24, 2019
Attacking and Packing the Courts Won’t Restore Honor and Integrity
Rather than attacking and packing the courts, the Legislature and Court should double-down on implementing reforms to promote a fair and impartial judiciary and improve confidence in both the judicial system and the electoral process. Ways they can do this include strengthening disclosure of the secret, special interest money flooding our judicial elections., funding our judicial public financing program/system so that candidates for the Supreme Court don’t have to take money from parties who might later have cases before the Court and making the current process of filing judicial vacancies more transparent. More
Issues: DisclosureFair CourtsPublic FinancingTransparencyWV Supreme Court
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