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Alerts and Updates Julie Archer October 24, 2023
Thursday, October 26th: “Lunch Out Loud” Webinar Series Continues, Followed by “No Time to Fail” Virtual Watch Party
Join us this Thursday, October 26th at noon for the next webinar in our Lunch Out Loud series. Takeiya Smith and student leaders from Young West Virginia will be hosting a discussion on the challenges that youth face in our democracy. On Thursday evening, join us and our friends at Public Citizen for the premiere of “No Time to Fail,” a powerful film that gives voice to the unsung heroes of the 2020 election - election administrators.  More
Issues: DemocracyVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer August 21, 2023
Our Lunch Out Loud Webinar Series Continues With Two Events in August
Our Lunch Out Loud webinar series continues this month with two informative events. Thursday, August 24th, join a panel of lobbyists, former legislators, and journalists as they discuss what is happening, the lack of transparency and the impacts on democratic participation. We'll also have a "bonus" event for this month to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the March on Washington on Monday, August 28th to hear from West Virginians who were there on that historic day. More
Issues: DemocracyTransparencyVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer July 21, 2023
Join Us July 28th at Noon for Lunch Out Loud
For our first “Lunch Out Loud” on July 28, Atiba Ellis, Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and Anthony Majestro, a Charleston attorney with experience in election law, will discuss recent decisions by the US Supreme Court that affect voting rights, and what they mean for ballot access in West Virginia. The conversation will be moderated by former Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.  More
Issues: DemocracyVoting Rights
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer March 14, 2023
Elections & Courts Final Legislative Update
Of the nine election bills passed by the Senate, three were taken up and passed by the House during the final week of the session. Unfortunately, two of these decrease transparency of political spending in West Virginia. Also a bill to cap compensation for "deliberate intent" heads to the Governor, an attempt to reform "public nusiance" dies in the House, and judicial redistricting passes the Legislature on Day 60. More details here.   More
Issues: Dark MoneyDisclosureFair Courts
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer February 28, 2023
Elections & Courts Legislative Update – Week 7
As we approach crossover day, here’s an update on where various election and courts bills are in the legislative process. More
Issues: Dark MoneyDisclosureFair CourtsVoting Rights
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer February 21, 2023
Elections & Courts Legislative Update – Week 6
Join the WV Faith Table in remembering John R. Lewis. Then keep reading for legislative updates on the following: The WV Association for Justice has flagged two bills related to our civil justice system that are worth watching. The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced four election bills from the Secretary of State’s office. More
Issues: Fair CourtsVoting Rights
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer February 14, 2023
Elections & Courts Legislative Update
The Senate Judiciary has referred three bills to its Elections and Public Integrity Subcommittee. The Senate Judiciary Committee has also advanced two bills that would decrease transparency of political spending. The House Committee on Political Subdivisions has advanced three bills. Plus judicial redistricting is underway. More
Issues: Dark MoneyDisclosureFair CourtsVoting Rights
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer January 23, 2023
Much Ado About Elections, and More
Ten days into the 2023 legislative, more than 50 bills related to elections have been introduced. Two have traction, and action is needed to keep HB 2244 off the House Judiciary Committee agenda. Related to elections, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Saturday's anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s devastating Citizens United decsion, the role of dark money in shifting the balance of the Court to the right, and it's impact on our fundamental rights. More
Issues: Citizens UnitedClean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyFair Courts
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer January 6, 2023
Livestream of Washington, D.C. Our Freedoms, Our Vote January 6 Rally
Join the Not Above the Law Coalition, Declaration for American Democracy and special guests Martin Luther King III and Arndrea Waters King for a livestream of the Our Freedoms, Our Vote January 6 Rally in Washington, DC. More
Issues: DemocracyVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer December 8, 2022
TODAY at 1PM: ‘People Over Politics’ Virtual Rally and Panel Discussion
A case before the US Supreme Court could make it easier for politicians to restrict the vote, draw rigged maps, and cast doubt on election results. Join legal experts, faith leaders, and community activists from West Virginia and North Carolina to discuss the significance of Moore v. Harper and its impacts for voting rights and fair courts.   More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsRedistrictingVoting Rights
Press Release Julie Archer November 16, 2022
West Virginia Voters Win With Defeat of Amendment 1
Under the changes proposed in Amendment 1, an extremist state legislature could have removed any public servant – and overturned the will of the people – without due process. We're proud of West Virginia voters for coming together and defending their right to democracy. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair Courts
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer October 31, 2022
WV Citizens for Clean Elections Condemns Voter Intimidation Activities
We are collaborating with other nonpartisan groups on the ground in our state and across the country to address the intimidation efforts of bad actors, ensuring voters feel safe as they cast their ballots in 2022 and beyond. If any voter has concerns, they can call or text the Election Protection Coalition at 866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA for assistance.  More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyVoting Rights
Press Release Julie Archer October 31, 2022
Clean Election Groups Across the Country Condemn Voter Intimidation Activities
State-based grassroots organizations working for clean elections and promoting transparent and accountable government in Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, California, Minnesota and Maine today condemned a secretive group, run by a QAnon believer and supported by Steve Bannon, that has engaged in voter harassment and intimidation activities in Arizona. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyVoting Rights
Document Julie Archer October 24, 2022
Amendment 1 Letter to the Editor Toolkit
Background:  Following reports of lavish spending on office renovations in 2018, West Virginia’s House of Delegates voted to impeach all four sitting justices on the state’s Supreme Court of Appeals. One of the impeached justices, Margaret Workman, filed a lawsuit to stop her impeachment trial, arguing legislators overstepped their constitutional authority. A panel of acting […] More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsJudicial Independence
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer October 17, 2022
Are You Ready to Vote?
Make sure you are ready to vote. The deadline to register or update your registration in WV is Tuesday, October 18. Don’t miss a chance to make your voice heard in this election. More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsVoting Rights
Press Release Julie Archer September 28, 2022
Amendment No. 1 Would Destroy Checks and Balances in W.V.
Amendment No. 1 would make it so that no court in the state could intervene to protect the right to a fair hearing of a public official facing impeachment, no matter how frivolous the charge or constitutionally flawed the process. In the hands of a partisan majority, this new power could be abused to oust political opponents without cause, thereby eroding existing checks and balances between the three branches of government and undercutting public trust in the political process.  More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsJudicial Independence
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer April 27, 2022
Early Voting is Underway!
Early voting for the 2022 primary election is underway across West Virginia! Voting is fundamental to our democracy. Know your options and make a plan to vote. More
Issues: DemocracyVoting Rights
WVCCE Blog Julie Archer April 11, 2022
WVCCE Comments on Anti-Bias Rules for WV Intermediate Court and WV Supreme Court of Appeals
At a time when the code of conduct for the U.S. Supreme Court is under increased scrutiny for lacking such procedures and leaving it the Justices themselves to decide whether to recuse, the West Virginia Supreme Court has an opportunity to adopt strong anti-bias rules that will increase public confidence in the new Intermediate Court of Appeals, as well as in the state Supreme Court itself.  More
Issues: Dark MoneyFair CourtsJudicial IndependenceWV Supreme Court
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer February 25, 2022
Take Action for Voting Rights
We need you to take action on two bills related to voting rights before the WV Legislature. Tell legislators to end voter disenfranchisement and protect our say-so on the courts. More
Issues: Fair CourtsVoting Rights
Document Julie Archer February 22, 2022
HB 4785 – Letter to the Editor Toolkit
In response to former Justice Evan Jenkins’s recent resignation from the State Supreme Court, members the House of Delegates are moving quickly to strip West Virginians of their ability to have a say in who will fill the seat left vacant by Jenkins’s departure. We have a process in place for filling judicial vacancies and […] More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsWV Supreme Court
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