Celebrate Giving Tuesday with WV Citizens for Clean Elections


Our democracy depends on a fair and impartial court system and transparent and accountable elections, which is why we formed the WV Citizens for Clean Elections in 2002 to strengthen our democracy and give power back to the people of West Virginia.

We have seen what happens when powerful special interests are able to buy off our courts and when dark money floods our elections. We formed to fight back against these injustices by working to advance #ProDemocracy initiatives.

A generous supporter has agreed to match every donation up to $10,000. This Giving Tuesday, will you join us in this fight by donating what you can so we are able to organize West Virginians, lobby against anti-democracy legislation, and bring our communities together to advance and protect our institutions?

Now that the November election is over, our focus will shift as the West Virginia legislature prepares for a new session. With your support, we will be prepared to track anti-democracy proposals and move quickly to act in defense of our communities.

Thank you,

Julie Archer
Coordinator, WV Citizens for Clean Elections

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Julie Archer

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