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3-2 Senate President supports public campaign finance bill  
2-22 Take Action: Sign petiton to make permanent the successful program for a public campaign finance option in WV Supreme Court elections 
2-22 Groups rally to protest 2010 Citizens United decision 
2-22 Groups say public financing of campaigns could close corporate tax loophole  
2-22  New York Needs Transparency in Political Spending   
2-20 Dozens protest Citizens United decision at state Capitol  
2-19 WV Capitol rally calls for limit to corporate election spending 
2-19 Money chase by Obama circle ripe for corruption, say government watchdogs  
2-19 Editorial: Buying elections  
2-19 Rally at W.Va. Capitol targets campaign spending
2-19 The Court Is Ready to Double Down on Citizens United, Beyond the Super PAC 
2-19 Average citizens not heard over lobbyists' money  
2-15 One Easy Way to Shine a Light on Dark Money
2-6 Palumbo: Legislative session could be quiet in the legal field
2-2 Top G.O.P. Donors Seek Greater Say in Senate Races
2-1 Elections panel seeks extension of campaign funding effort
2-1 Lobbying: Lucrative political deals
1-1 WV may not be done with public election funding
1-31 Make election financing pilot permanent, panel recommends
1-29 Public Forum Discusses "Clean Elections"
1-29 Fairmont State University Hosts Clean Election Forum
1-26 Foul Play in the Senate
1-23 Del. Doug Reynolds (D) has been appointed vice-chairman of the House of Delegates Finance Committee
1-21 WV Joins Backlash Against 'Citizens United' Decision
1-16 Congressional Democrats Unveil New Bills to Battle Big-Money Donors
1-4-13 5 things about 2012 W.Va. campaign finance
12-30 Out-of-state funds aided House GOP gains
12-19 Clean Election Update
12-14 W.Va. candidate financing program up for review
12-13 W.Va. candidate financing program up for review
12-13 W.Va. candidate financing program up for review
12-12 How outside money was poured into governors' races
12-11 Beyond A Constitutional Amendment
12-7 How Corruption Is Strangling U.S. Innovation
11-25 John Palmer: Please help, the system is broken
11-13 Voters Push Back Against Big Money Politics
11-12 Brutal, expensive Election 2012 has public clamoring for curbs on spending
11-11 Loughry said 'positive campaign' made the difference in race
11-9 How Super PACs Warped the 2012 Election
11-9 Millions of Voters Demand Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
11-7 Editorial: The election war is over
11-7 Oil lobby and Koch-backed groups spent $270m on anti-Obama ads
11-7 Citizens United Rejected By Voters In Montana, Colorado
11-7 Did SuperPAC Money Hurt Romney More Than It Helped?
11-7 Morrisey to enact overhaul of AG's office
11-7 Loughry surprises some to join Davis on Supreme Court
11-6 See which industries funneled the most cash into presidential race
11-4 W.Va. House balance could shift
11-1 Dark Money: The Rise of Outside Spending in 2012
10-31 2012 Election Spending Will Reach $6 Billion, Center for Responsive Politics Predicts
10-25 Everyone hates Citizens United
10-30 Maloney reaches out of state, fundraising numbers show
10-23 Foreign-connected PACs figure big in US elections, campaign watchdogs say
10-22 Non-candidate ad spending in W.Va. races tops $5M
10-22 PACs spend more than $5.2 million
10-21 2012 campaign cash: $1 billion vs $1 billion
10-20 Statehouse Beat: Elections after Citizens United
10-19 Manchin has $2.1M to defend U.S. Senate seat
10-17 More Romney Bundlers Revealed
10-16 U.S. House hopefuls in W.Va. amass another $1.1 million
10-16 Mayoral fundraising figures are close
10-15 Coal Baron, McKinley Donor Accused Of Breaking Campaign Laws
10-12 Citizens United an attack on democracy
10-9 Follow the Money: How Dirty Energy Donations Impact Our Energy Policies
10-9 Four citizens groups deliver petition to fight Citizens United
10-9 Citizen Action seeks to overturn Citizens United
10-9 Denial of campaign funds is troubling
10-8 Return Koch donations, Democrats urge W.Va. Republicans
10-7 Finance reports show top W.Va. legislative races
10-4 Coal Minerís Donor
10-5 Oil Industry Fuels Romney, Obama Campaign Breaks 2012 Record, and More
10-2 Perdue, Hall spar over campaign contributions
9-30 Energy interests fueling W.Va. governor's race
9-26 The New Price of American Politics
9-24 Elections panel may litigate public campaign financing
9-20 Electronic voting is the real threat to elections
9-17 Judge in campaign finance case: Judicial elections 'notably different'
9-15 Poll: Strong support for campaign spending limits
9-13 Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign
9-12 A Defeat for Impartial Courts
9-11 Legal groups weigh in on W.Va. SC campaign finance ruling
9-8 Loughry's request denied
9-8 W.Va. court candidate denied 'rescue' funding
9-7 Supreme Court rejects candidate's plea for public campaign funds
9-5 Campaign Money "Arms Race" Goes Nuclear
9-4 Attorneys debate pilot public financing project before the state Supreme Court
8-29 Never Mind Super PACs: How Big Business Is Buying the Election
8-29 High court candidate sees 'fiasco' in campaign funding
8-28 W.Va. SC candidate calls McGraw's motion 'inappropriate'
8-28 Court lets McGraw intervene in public campaign funding case
8-27 Campaign financing wouldn't survive challenge, AG says
8-24 Callaghan files motion to expedite in campaign financing suit
8-23 No decisions made at hearing in federal campaign finance case
8-13 West Virginia to continue to cap contributions
8-10 W.Va. SC sets arguments in campaign finance case
8-10 Big Money has far too much control
8-10 W.Va. Supreme Court to hear public financing case Sept. 4
8-9 Attorney for Democrat candidate to high court seeks to block 'rescue' funds for Republican
8-9 Federal judge blocks W.Va. PAC contribution limit
8-7 Three W.Va. SC justices won't hear public financing case
8-5 Courts hold key to election issues
8-4 Janet Keating: Rescue public campaign finance project
7-31 Elections panel votes to defend public campaign financing
7-31 State officials vote to defend campaign 'rescue' funds
7-30 Loughry goes to WV, federal courts to seek campaign funds
7-30 Supreme Court Candidate Goes To Court
7-25 SEC suit triggers Chafin's critics
7-22 Statehouse Beat: The election financing circus
7-19 Former W.Va. Democratic Party chair sues over financing program
7-18 Former WV Democrat chairman files federal suit against state matching funds provision
7-18 Supreme Court candidate considering legal options after public funding halted
7-17 Deadlocked vote halts financing for Supreme Court candidate
7-17 Putting an End to Secret Campaign Contributions
7-17 Manchin outstripping Raese in 2012 campaign donations
7-16 Publicly financed candidate doubts he'll get more money
7-10 Money, power: Nothing to see here
7-9 Group Working to Undo Citizens United
7-4 Beast of Citizens United Slouches Forward
7-3 Travesty: Money is 'speech'
6-28 Big Money Wins in the Big Skies of Montana
6-27 Loughry criticizes secretary of state for vote on public financing
6-25 Supreme Court Declines to Revisit Citizens United With Montana Ruling
6-25 State candidate financing provision up in air
6-25 How Right-Wingers on the Supreme Court Sold Our Democracy Down the River -- Again
6-25 The Vast, Corrupting Power of Money in Politics
6-18 'Citizens United' Gets Renewed Scrutiny
6-15 Swint says he'll accept no PAC money in Congress race
6-15 Campaign Cash Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving
6-6 Lamborn Stands Up for Dirty Energy Donors
5-31 Money Unlimited: How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision
5-28 Big outside spending may await W.Va. races
5-27 How I Became Stephen Colbert's Lawyer -- And Joined the Fight to Rescue Our Democracy from Citizens United
5-24 W.Va. campaign finance limits challenged in court
5-21 WV, 21 other states join campaign finance fight
3-21 Impact of Citizens United Infuriates Some WV Voters
3-8 Tom Ferguson: AlterNet's Key Expert in Fighting the Battle Against Citizens United and Obscene Money Influence in Campaigns
2-4 W.Va.'s U.S. House incumbents outraise opponents
1-30 Public Funding To Be Part Of Supreme Court Campaign
1-27 Qualifying Period for Public Financing Pilot Coming to a Close; One Candidate Seeks 'Clean Money' Option
1-24 Cleaning Up Elections? It's Simpler Than You Think.
1-24 Maine Bill Would Challenge Citizens United Ruling
1-21 Citizens United: A Tsunami of Secret Corporate Campaign Cash is Drowning Our Democracy
1-6-12 Forget Stocks Or Bonds, Invest In A Lobbyist

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