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Alerts and Updates WVCCE January 21, 2020
Post-Citizens United, We Can Make Democracy Healthy Again
In spite of the decision, there are things we can do to make democracy healthy again but it will take political will and the power of the people demanding change. We can restore balance to a system skewed in favor of the wealthy and special interests by implementing reforms like those included in our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform, and give everyday people a stronger voice in our elections.   More
Issues: Citizens UnitedDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosurePublic financingSecret MoneyTransparency
Alerts and Updates Vivian Stockman January 14, 2020
This Session, Join Us in the Fight for a Democracy that Works for Everyone
The 2020 West Virginia Legislative Session has begun, and we’re ready to fight for a democracy that works for everyone — a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone's voice is heard. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyFair CourtsJudicial IndependencePro Democracy
Alerts and Updates WVCCE January 4, 2020
Happy New Year, YOU Did It!
Happy New Year, YOU did it! Thanks to contributions from folks like you, we raised the $5,000 needed to meet our #WVProDemocracy match. Actually, we more than made it. We raised $7,380! We hope we can continue to count on you — every session people like you help advance our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform by calling legislators, writing letters to the editor, and talking with friends and neighbors. Stay tuned for updates and calls to action starting next week. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair Courts
Alerts and Updates Julie Archer December 4, 2019
Take Action Today to Restore the Voting Rights Act
Congress must pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4) and restore our ability to prevent racial discrimination in voting so that we can build the truly representative democracy that we deserve. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on HR 4 on Thursday or Friday of this week. Please contact your US Representative today and urge their support for this crucial legislation. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates WVCCE December 2, 2019
You don’t have to wait for #GivingTuesday to give democracy a boost
The season of giving is here and you can help give democracy a boost by making a tax-deductible donation toward the WV Pro-Democracy Match today.  Every dollar you give will be matched up to $5,000. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair CourtsVoting RightsWV Supreme Court
Alerts and Updates WVCCE October 30, 2019
Tired of Being Ghosted by Politics as Usual? Support the #WVProDemocracy Campaign
Tired of being ghosted by politics as usual? Want to exorcise big money from our elections? It's spooky when politicians rely on campaign contributions from big money ghouls! WV Citizens for Clean Elections is working to restore health to our democracy, to clean up elections and assure that our courts are fair and impartial. But it takes money to fight big money. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair CourtsWV Supreme Court
Alerts and Updates WVCCE October 15, 2019
Support the WV Pro-Democracy Movement by Making a Gift Today
WV Citizens for Clean Elections is working to restore health to our democracy, to clean up elections, and assure that our courts are fair and impartial. Right now WV Citizens for Clean Elections has an opportunity to receive an additional $5,000 for our work if we can raise $5,000 from our friends and supporters by the end of the year. Will you pitch in? Join us in the fight for a democracy that works for everyone—a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone's voice is heard—by making a donation today. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyDisclosureFair CourtsTransparencyVoting RightsWV Supreme Court
Alerts and Updates WVCCE August 1, 2019
Win for Transparency, Stand Up for Voting Rights
Please join us Tuesday, August 6 at noon at the Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse in Charleston to stand up for voting rights and call on Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act of 1962 by passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4).  More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsVoting Rights
Alerts and Updates WVCCE July 2, 2019
Tell the State Election Commission to Support Transparency, Hold Politicians Accountable
Earlier this year, legislators passed SB 622, a bill that is disastrous for those of us who want elections where candidates listen to the voices of everyday people, not wealthy donors and special interests. Right now, the State Election Commission is writing rules on how the new law will be implemented and enforced.  We looked at the rules, and they need to be strengthened. You can help! Please send a letter to the Commission urging them to support increased transparency and to strengthen the rules to hold politicians accountable. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureSecret MoneyTransparency
Alerts and Updates WVCCE May 9, 2019
Join Us for a Public Screening of Knock Down the House
Join us Sunday, May 19 at the LaBelle Theater in South Charleston for the first West Virginia screening of the new documentary Knock Down the House hosted by our partners at the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC). Doors open at 6:30 PM and the film begins at 7:00 PM. The film follows four determined women on the campaign trail as they challenge big-money politicians in the 2018 election. Although the West Virginia legislature recently passed a bill (SB 622) to allow more money into our elections, it's exciting to see new leaders emerging who are saying no to big-money and rejecting politics as usual. The way forward isn't with laws like SB 622. The solution is empowering small donors, ensuring equal access to the ballot box, and giving everyday people a greater voice in the political process More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracy
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