Public campaign financing is now permanent for WV state Supreme Court elections, now we need a permanent funding source!

An amazing thing happened at the 2013 legislative session, we made permanent the option for public campaign financing for WV state Supreme Court elections!  Against all odds, our coalition worked hard, with your help, to make this happen.  But, we aren’t quite there yet.  In the next year, we must find a permanent funding source to make sure that this program can be utilized and that our judges aren’t out there collecting campaign cash from shadowy sources, but are instead focused on being fair and impartial.  So, please contact your local Delegates and State Senators ( ) and let them know that you expect a permanent funding source for the public finance program for WV state Supreme Court elections to be found.  With our voices united we can make this happen and help take back our democracy and have voter owned elections in West Virginia!

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