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Clean Elections = Fair Courts
Help Make Public Financing a Permanent Part of WV Supreme Court Elections

After a high profile race in 2004 in which coal baron Don Blankenship spent $3 million to elect his preferred candidate to the state Supreme Court, and was later seen partying in the French Riviera with another justice in 2006, the time was ripe for action to clean up judicial elections in West Virginia. In 2010, WV Citizens for Clean Elections won passage of a pilot program establishing a public funding option for state Supreme Court candidates. In 2012, Allen Loughry became the first candidate to successfully use public financing to get elected to the State Supreme Court.  Based on the program’s success, we believe it is time to make public financing a permanent part of West Virginia Supreme Court elections to ensure a fair and impartial judiciary. In order to make this program permanent, we need your help! The pilot program is set to expire this year. Please contact your legislators and ask them to make the WV Supreme Court of Appeals Public Campaign Financing Program permanent and to support public financing whenever possible to create “voter-owned” elections in West Virginia.

Join with other constituents to visit your legislators asking for their support.  Contact Dan Taylor at or 304-521-9865.  Your support and your voice is crucial to our effort!

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