Brennan Center Weighs in on Constitutionality of WV Transparency Rules

The Brennan Center for Justice has weighed in to defend the constitutionality of a West Virginia law requiring those who make electoral communications to identify themselves when doing so. Read their letter in response to Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s misguided opinion on disclosure, urging Secretary of State Mac Warner to make clear to the public that he will continue to fully enforce all state disclosure and disclaimer rules with respect to candidates, political parties, and other groups that engage in electoral spending.

We are grateful to the Brennan Center for sharing their knowledge and expertise on this important matter. With outside money playing a growing role in our elections — frequently dwarfing the amount spent by the candidates themselves — it’s imperative that West Virginia’s existing disclosure laws are fully enforced, and that the legislature take action to close loopholes in the law that currently make it possible for groups that spend money on political ads to hide the identity of their donors. We deserve to know who’s trying to influence our votes and persuade our public officials, not be kept in the dark.

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