Join us in DC April 16-18 for Democracy Awakening!

Join us in DC April 16-18 for Democracy Awakening!

Later this month, thousands of people will be coming together in our nation’s capital to demand a democracy that works for all of us – where our votes are not denied and money doesn’t buy access and power.  Democracy Awakening includes a day of workshops, a massive rally/march, and visits to Capitol Hill to talk with elected officials.  See the full schedule here.

WV Citizen Action Group is arranging a 15 passenger van to and from the event, and we’d like to offer you a chance to join us!  If you’re interested, please RSVP by Wednesday, April 13th.  Only 11 seats are available, so hurry!

See below for more details on the event. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Ciera Pennington at 304.346.5891 or

DA general 7

Event and Travel Details:

  • Costs
    • Van seat reservation – $10
    • Housing – $10+ (more on this below in the “How to RSVP” section)
    • All meals and other incidental costs to be paid for by attendee, not WV CAG
  • Van pick-up 9-9:30 am Saturday, April 16th at 1114 Quarrier Street in Charleston
    • Other stops along I-79 N can be made upon request; email to see if we can stop somewhere convenient for both of us and pick you up!
  • Arrive in DC by 5 pm breakout session (see details here)
  • Participate in full schedule of Sunday events
  • Visit the US Capitol on Monday; WV CAG will set-up constituent meetings in advance for us to attend in groups
  • Depart DC on Monday, April 18th by 1 pm
    • Will drop people off along I-79 S where they were picked up and all others will be taken back to their cars at 1114 Quarrier Street in Charleston

*Note: Some groups will be participating in Democracy Spring, a sister action to Democracy Awakening.  We will not be participating in DS’s civil disobedience campaign, so don’t worryabout getting arrested! Everything we do at DA will be completely legal.

How to RSVP:

  1.  Complete this form.  Be sure to indicate if you’ve received permission from Ciera and are being picked up along the interstate rather than in Charleston.
  2.  To reserve your van seat, make a $10 payment online by visiting and clicking the “Donate” button in the top right hand corner OR send a $10 check to WV CAG at 1500 Dixie Street Charleston, WV 25311.  Regardless of which method you use to make your payment, be sure to include the memo “Democracy Awakening”.
  3.   Reserve your housing here.
  4.  Arrive at your pick-up location at the scheduled time!  Enjoy a weekend of fun and advocacy in DC!
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