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Reaching Out, Checking In (Plus Action for Voting, Legislative Update)
Newsletter WVCCE April 4, 2020
We hope you are finding meaningful ways to connect with and check-in with one another in these times of physical distancing. (While we need to be physically distanced right now, we need to build more social connection!) Oft-repeated tips on how to stay healthy in both body and spirit while trying to navigate stay-at-home orders, work layoffs, and fears for the health of our families and communities include checking up on others by phone and digital means, setting daily goals, and deepening the sense of purpose you create for your life by your actions and activities. To that end we wanted to share some easy actions you can take, and also share a bit of good news in the form of a legislative update. More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsHealthJudicial IndependenceTransparencyVoting RightsWV Supreme Court
Our Voice, Our Votes, Our Courts: Join Us for Good Government Lobby Day
Newsletter WVCCE January 31, 2020
Please join us for our first ever lobby day in support of our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform on February 17. More details and registration information here. Several bills that advance the goals of the Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform have been introduced and the list keeps growing. Read this post for a look at some of these bills, what we have to gain if some reforms are passed, and what’s at stake if others advance. More
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyFair Courts