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Hello Everyone,

We would love to print post cards with disclosure messaging for you and your organization. The idea is that we would…

1. Collect the tailored disclosure message from you that fits your organizations mission.

2. Have the postcards printed for you (we pay the printing).

3. Ship them to you and you to give them to your members.

4. Have your members fill one card out and put it in the mail to a predetermined (targeted) Legislator

Sample Disclosure Messaging: (You may also refer to the notes from our last meeting)

#1 In a democracy everyone’s voice should be heard.

If we want ______[desired outcome]___________, we should have a way to express our needs to our government.

#2 In a democracy everyone’s voice should be heard.

The first step to level the playing field is full disclosure of where campaign cash comes from. We deserve to know how much _______[special interest group]_________ is spending to tamper with our elections. They shouldn’t be able to use secret money and nasty TV ads to ____[negative result]______.

#3 In a democracy everyone’s voice should be heard.

If we want ______[mutually desired outcome]___________, we must have an electoral system that puts the needs of everyday voters before the interests of ____[opposing special interest group]_____.

#4 *(my personal favorite)

In a democracy everyone’s voice should be heard.

When ______[special interest group]_______ makes large political contributions to legislators ___[victims]_____ pay the price by ___[negative result].

Please call Natalie 304-522-0246 or Julie 304-346-5891 for assistance on these messages if you need it!

We also want you to join us for a conference call on January 6th, 2016. Please use this doodle poll to give us a good time for you. Click  here-> Conference Call Time

Thank you all so much for your continuous support of WVCCE.

We hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!!! – Julie & Natalie






Updated: January 8, 2016 — 8:48 pm

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