Conference Call Follow-Up; Send Us Your Post Card Messages

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Conference Call Follow-Up; Please Send Us Your Postcard Messages

Dear Partners & Allies,

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for Wednesday’s conference call to discuss potential strategies and tactics to advance disclosure during the upcoming legislative session.

Part of the conversation focused on the postcards we e-mailed you about prior to the holidays.  We would love to print postcards with disclosure messaging for you and your organization. Again, idea is that we would:

1. Collect the tailored disclosure message from you that fits your organizations mission.

2. Have the postcards printed for you (we pay the printing).

3. Ship them to you and you to give them to your members.

4. Have your members fill one card out and put it in the mail to a predetermined (targeted) Legislator

Click here for sample disclosure messaging.  Please send us the message you would like to have included on your postcards by next Friday, January 15, along with the number of postcards you would like to have.

Need some inspiration?  Check out this message sent to us by Sam Hickman, Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers WV Chapter:

Social Workers stand up for others; people who find it difficult to advocate effectively for themselves.

Social Workers support effective and responsible public policy leadership, and the ability for all people to express their interests and needs to government officials as equal partners.

A great first step is to require full disclosure of where campaign contributions come from. After all, it just makes good, common sense. Why should anyone donate in secret? Why wouldn’t they stand up and take responsibility for what they believe?

All citizens deserve to know how much various entities are spending to influence elections. Demanding disclosure of contributions could help eliminate the increasingly nasty media ads we have seen in our election cycles.

Disclosure of contributions would ask any group that spends at least $1,000 in an election to report where the money came from.

West Virginians stand up for what they believe in. We shouldn’t allow secret campaign influence to continue!

Please call Natalie 304-522-0246 or Julie 304-346-5891 for assistance on these messages if you need it!

In addition to the postcards, we’ll also be creating an online petition using similar messaging urging key legislator and Governor Tomblin to support disclosure. We also discussed having a press conference with sponsors when the disclosure bill is introduced. Please watch your inbox for more details on this and a link to the petition.

We look forward to working with you to continue to build on the success we had in 2015.


Julie & Natalie



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