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If you’re like us, you are probably filled with anger and sadness at the racial injustices and police brutality that we have witnessed in Minneapolis and across the country in recent weeks. You may also be heartened and inspired by the movement to reform and end racism in policing that these events has ignited. 

If you want take action to fight these injustices in West Virginia, we encourage you to follow the recommendation of our partners at Our Future WV and look toward and support organizations like Call to Action for Racial Equality and NAACP WV (and other local chapters). 

And while it might seem strange to do something as normal as voting in these tumultouous times, we also encourage you to make your voice heard in this crucial primary election. Over the past week, leaders like Stacy Abrams and former President Barack Obama have stressed the importance of voting and electing government officials who listen to us and are responsive to our demands. To that end, we’ve included information and links below to help you exercise your right to vote safely and effectively in tomorrow’s election. 

President Obama said, “The bottom line is this: if we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.” Tomorrow is your chance to cast a vote for reform.

Important Election Reminders and Resources

If you requested an absentee ballot, it must be postmarked by June 9. If you have your ballot but decide to vote in-person, take your ballot with you for election officials to spoil.

If you’re planning to vote in person, visit or contact your county clerk to see if your polling location has moved before you head out.

While you’re out practice safe physical distancing and wear a face mask to protect yourself and others.

If you have questions about voting or need to report a problem while voting, you can call the Election Protection hotline at 866-Our-Vote. 

Additional Voting Information

A Pandemic Voter Guide For West Virginia’s 2020 Primary from WV Public Broadcasting (published 5/14/2020)

FAQ from the Secretary of State

Candidate Information 

WV Court Elections (Supreme Court): Three of the most important votes you will cast in the 2020 primary are your picks for the WV Supreme Court. Learn more about these important races and the candidates at For more information watch this moderated debate hosted by WV Public Broadcasting. 

Herald-Dispatch (US Senate – House of Reps – Governor – Attorney General – Commissioner of Ag – Auditor – Supreme Court):

League of Women Voters of WV – Statewide, plus some legislative and county offices:

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