Strategy Session Follow-Up & Next Steps

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Strategy Session Follow-Up & Next Steps

Save the Date for Our Next Coalition Meeting on August 9

Dear Friends, Partners, and Allies,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our fair courts workshop and strategy session last week. If you attended the workshop on June 18, please take a moment to provide us with feedback by completing our online evaluation here

For those who couldn’t be with us we wanted to fill you in on the next steps discussed at the strategy session on June 19. We are working to develop a strong, bold platform with a linked policy that allies, candidates and the public can unify around that brings together democracy issues. Our “Democracy Platform Committee” will be meeting on Thursday, July 12 to vet and refine the components of this framework, and present our proposal to partners and allies at our next coalition meeting on Thursday, August 9. (You can read a condensed version of the notes from the meeting here.) 

If you’re interested in being on the “Democracy Platform Committee” please reply to this email and I’ll be sure you are included in the discussion on July 12. We are excited about where this is headed and engaging a broader section of the public in this work. 

We look forward to reconnecting with everyone on August 9 at 10AM (location TBD) so please save the date. In the meantime, please reach out if you have thoughts or ideas on how we can use the recent charges against Justice Loughry and the impeachment proceedings to help elevate our issues and the need for systemic reforms to restore confidence in the judiciary and the electoral process. (Click here to read our statement in response to the initial Judicial Investigation Commission charges.) 



Julie Archer, Coordinator
WV Citizens for Clean Elections

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