Recipe for Confusion


Despite WV having one of the lowest rates of internet access in the country, the state made the decision to not automatically mail ballot applications for the November general election – this means that folks expecting applications in the mail will have to navigate their spotty internet access and risk missing the absentee voting deadline.

This is a change from the primary election, leaving many people unsure about how or when they might be able to vote.

Changing up the rules is a recipe for confusion, and with WV having one of the lowest turnout rates in the nation, we should be working to expand access to voting, not putting in place more barriers.

WV Citizens for Clean Elections is fighting against this disenfranchisement by informing voters about the voting process, but we need your help to get out our message. Will you donate whatever you can to help us keep up our momentum through Election Day?

We know what happens when there is no transparency and accountability in our elections. We end up with bad policies, corrupt courts, and legislators who do not have the public’s best interest at heart. We cannot allow voters to be disenfranchised due to changing rules and lack of access to information.

With so much misinformation floating around, we cannot sit idly by while voters are struggling to figure out the best and safest way to vote. Help us in our mission of fighting for clean elections by donating today so we can help voters navigate the process and cast their ballots.

Thank you,

WV Citizens for Clean Elections

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