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Intermediate Court Headed for Vote in WV House

The West Virginia Legislature cannot justify the expense of creating a new layer of judicial bureaucracy, but the House Finance Committee voted to send SB 275, which would create an intermediate court of appeals, to the full House even though they couldn’t pin down the exact cost.

The millions that would be wasted on this unnecessary court could be better spent on things that help our families and communities thrive—fixing our roads, improving our schools and providing job training for West Virginia workers. We also need to invest more in senior and veterans’ services, food programs and pantries so no West Virginian goes hungry, and much more. 

Tell the WV House members to invest the money that would be wasted on an unnecessary intermediate court on things West Virginia needs.

However, in addition to the state’s spending priorities, West Virginians should also be concerned about the millions that special interest groups will undoubtedly spend to pack this new court. Special interest groups spending big bucks on judicial elections see the Supreme Court as an effective vehicle to further their political, ideological, or financial agendas. Why would this new court be any different?

SB 275 will be up for a vote in the full House on Thursday. Don’t let powerful special interests have their way with our courts. Too much is at stake.

Tell delegates to reject this unnecessary court and support other important reforms that help ensure that judges aren’t merely politicians in robes.

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