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Dear Friends, Partners, and Allies, 

As you probably know, West Virginia politicians charged ahead with SB 622 — the bill no one asked for. No one except wealthy special interests of course.

SB 622 dramatically increases the amount an individual can give to a candidates, political action committees, and political parties. Yet most West Virginians can’t afford to give $1,000 to their favorite candidates, let alone the new, nearly tripled upper limit of $2,800.

We want to have our voices heard, but SB 622 goes against this will and gives a greater voice to the wealthy and special interests that try to buy our elections — and that’s wrong!

Here are three things you can do to support the SB 622 veto campaign and help us defeat this horrible bill.

  1. Click here to send a message to Governor Justice asking him to veto SB 622, then share this letter writing campaign from the WV Working Families Party and Selina Vickers, a volunteer citizen advocate that cares about fairness and democracy.
  2. Send a letter from your organization to Governor Justice urging him to veto SB 622. (Click here for talking points.)
  3. Turn your letter into an op-ed or letter to the editor and submit it to your local newspaper. 

We have contribution limits to prevent corruption, but the other important function of contribution limits is to ensure that all West Virginians, no matter how much they make, have an equal voice and equal representation with their state elected officials. SB 622 violates this fundamental principle of fairness. Governor Justice should veto SB 622 and say NO to more big money in West Virginia elections. 

Thanks for your support in the fight for a democracy that works for everyone!



Julie Archer, Coordinator
WV Citizens for Clean Elections

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Updated: March 12, 2019 — 4:42 pm

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