Reminder: Our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform Launch is Tomorrow

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Dear Friends, Partners, and Allies, 

Just a friendly reminder that our Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform launch is tomorrow. We hope you can join us and We’re excited that our campaign already has thirty-seven legislative candidates from across the aisle supporting a reform agenda to make W.Va. politics clean, fair and accountable.. 

Who: WV Citizens for Clean Elections with Special Guests Mary Ann Claytor, former Delegate Clif Moore, and Senator Bob Beach (D-Monongalia)

What: Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform Launch

When: Tuesday, September 18 at 12:30PM

Where: WV Culture Center at the State Capitol Complex 

Feeling creative? Make and bring a sign so we look good for the cameras.

If you can’t make it in person, we plan to stream the event live on our Facebook page.  

You can also help us get the word out about the campaign on social media using the graphic above, and sample social media posts below. We look forward to having you join us online or in person. 



Julie Archer, Coordinator
WV Citizens for Clean Elections

Sample Social #Pro-Democracy #Anti-Corruption
The #Pro-Democracy, #Anti-Corruption Platform is a set of common sense solutions that can help put our government on a path to solve problems that affect us all. #FightBigMoney #wvpol
This is not a partisan issue, it’s about fixing a broken system, & moving toward a government that’s more transparent, accountable, & responsive to the needs of ALL West Virginians. #FightBigMoney #Pro-Democracy #Anti-Corruption
#WV voters have a right to know who is spending money to influence our votes and our elected representatives. #FightBigMoney #Pro-Democracy #Anti-Corruption
An open and transparent government requires strong enforcement of our laws and real consequences for those who violate them. #FightBigMoney #Pro-Democracy #Anti-Corruption
Democracy requires everyone to have voice in the decisions affecting their lives; from equal access to the ballot box, to the right to have your voice heard above the special interests that try to buy our elections. #FightBigMoney #Pro-Democracy #Anti-Corruption

From WV Citizens for Clean Elections

Updated: October 8, 2018 — 7:50 pm

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