Everything We Work for Depends on a Strong Democracy

Every day, West Virginians pay a heavy price due to the influence of money in politics. An opioid crisis, insufficient resources for our schools, persistent poverty, and lack of opportunity continue to plague our state. Regular West Virginians know how to solve these problems, but our voices are not heard in the halls of power.

When legislators listen to regular West Virginians, they can work with us to pass bills that make West Virginia a better place to live. The governor can sign those bills into law, and our courts can uphold those laws. 

That’s what can happen when democracy is healthy—when the legislative, executive and judicial branches keep checks and balances on one another, and are held accountable by we, the people. Unfortunately, many West Virginians feel like our political system is broken. 

Let members of the WV Legislature know that you understand that many people feel like our democracy is broken right now, and let them know there’s a solution to that problem. Ask them to join you in supporting the Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform. 

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