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September 5, 2005

Kessler Urges Campaign Spending Focus


State Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Jeff Kessler says now is the time for state lawmakers to act if campaign spending is to be brought under control during next year's election cycle.

Kessler wants Governor Manchin to include a bill this special session that would focus on the 527 political groups. Those private groups have spent millions of dollars in West Virginia campaigns include the 2004 Supreme Court race.

Kessler says the bill almost passed during the regular session earlier this year, but died on the last night. Kessler says the lawmakers should be allowed to deal with it again before next year's regular session.

Kessler says waiting until January to deal with it would be too late to impact next May's primary election. "If we are going to do anything with 527 lets do it now so it's on the books for the full election cycle.

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