This letter to the editor appeared in the Register Herald

April 17, 2005

Tired of political prostitution going on

Has anyone ever asked you after a birthday if you feel any different than you did the day before and you answer no?

I realized how West Virginia will change in one day. The day I am speaking of is the day the governor will sign away our right to make insurance companies deal in good faith with us. And we gave this up for an $8 a month refund promise. I hope this repays the governor's debt to insurance for contributing to his campaign fund.

I also hope you realize, as I do, that our representatives all voted against the great majority when they voted against us and for insurance. Mrs. Susman is the only one who voted yes on an amendment that would have been weak but would have saved a little of our rights. The others, Ron Thompson, Linda Sumner, Bob Kiss and Virginia Mahan, all voted to strip us of our constitutional rights without seeing a full disclosure from the insurance companies. I don't want to forget Billy Wayne Bailey and Russ Weeks. They also deserve credit. They didn't even amend the original bill and voted against us and for the governor's giveaway.

I feel like we the people are going backward due to misrepresentation. Our five House of Delegates candidates spent almost a quarter-million dollars between them to get re-elected. Whom do they owe? By their actions it sure isn't the people, and I am tired of the political prostitution that is going on.

I feel like we need to look closer at the fair elections bill next session. Actually I am joking. Do you think this bunch is going to vote against themselves? Things in my book look bleak; we have let a monster develop.
Melvin Kessler
New River Citizens for Change


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