WV Clean Elections Legislative Update by Julie Archer

March 11, 2005

Campaign Finance Measures on Hold

Two proposals that would help make elections fair and clean in West Virginia remain on hold. The West Virginia Public Campaign Financing Pilot Project Act (HB2486 and SB 247), which would provide full public financing to legislative candidates in two Senate races and three House races in single member districts, is still resting in the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, as we continue to work with supporters to correct problems with the bill.

Deliberation on companion legislation to reign in 527 groups like 'And for the Sake of the Kids' and 'WV Consumers for Justice,' was delayed in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, so committee counsel could work on a committee substitute for the bill. SB 245 would require greater disclosure of contributors to 527 groups and limit the amount and individual, political committee or political party could contribute to such groups. We anticipate movement this coming week.

In the meantime, be sure to check www.wvoter-owned.org for the latest.

Voter-Owned Elections

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